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Cooper Hunting was developed for one simple reason, to change the way people hunt and the way they think about hunting! Fellow hunters and outdoors-men, understand that pursuing trophy whitetail deer is more than just a hobby, it is a passion. During the pursuit of that passion, hunters are taught that deer do not have predators from above so they do not look up. This is simply Wrong! What we have learned over the years is that a deer looking up has become as natural as a Golden retriever fetching a duck for the first time. Cooper Hunting Blinds is about taking your passion to the next level by perfecting the art of concealment.

Anyone who has ever hunted for wise, astute deer from a ladder or climbing stand  has assuredly been busted. To prevent being busted, most hunters don their camouflage clothing. The problem is deer see movement. Just getting a bow drawn back on a trophy buck is a challenge while having five sets of eyes looking at you! Well thanks to Cooper Hunting Blinds that problem has been solved once and for all! CHI has developed new and innovative products for hunting which allow hunters to remain 100% concealed, protected from the rain and maintain scent control.

Our tree blind picks up where your tree stand lacks. Cooper Hunting has got you covered with 360 degree protection with The Chameleon Tree Blind. Our tree blind can add on to your existing tree stand to provide you with the ultimate hunting experiences by making you practically invisible to wildlife like turkey or whitetail deer. Take "The Chameleon Blind Challenge" and you will see what everyone is talking about! Never sit in the rain again waiting for that trophy whitetail to cross your path. He wont know what hit him and you will be perfectly dry inside your Chameleon Blind! Our Hunting Blinds come in two models to support both gun hunters and bow hunters. Order the Chameleon Blind today and we promise you it will not disappoint!

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The mission of Cooper Hunting is to serve the hunting community with honesty and integrity while providing unique and effective products that enhance the hunting experience.