Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1.) Does the Chameleon Blind (Gun or Bow version) fit on a two man buddy stand?

    ANSWER:  Yes, the Chameleon Blinds will fit over most pre-manufactured buddy stands. The skirt total length is 12’-6” long and will cover 16 sq. ft. of floor 

  2. 2.) Does the Chameleon Blind work with tripod stands?

    ANSWER:  Yes, we now have the AP100 which allows you to install the blinds on a tripod stand or use it as a free standing blind.

  3. 3.) Can the Chameleon Blind be used as a free standing blind without a tree?

    ANSWER:  Yes, we now have the AP100 which allows you to install the blinds on a tripod stand or use it as a free standing blind.

  4. 4.) Is the Chameleon Blind water proof or water resistant?

    ANSWER:  Yes the fabric is treated with DWR on the exterior as well as a black 2x PU coating on the inside. 

  5. 5.) Is the Big Tom water proof?

    ANSWER:  Yes/No The Big Tom was not designed as a shelter but rather a concealment tool, therefore the fabric is water resistant on some versions but will leak water through the zippers in the windows. The 3D version has zero water proofing.

  6. 6.) How much does it weigh?

    ANSWER:  Shipping weight: Chameleon Bow Blind with TM100 – 12lbs, Chameleon Gun Blind – 7lbs, Big Tom – 8lbs.

  7. 7.) How long will your blinds last?

    ANSWER:  On average our customers tend to get 8-10 years of use. We recommend that you put your blind up at the beginning of the season and remove it after. However we have a lot of customers who leave them up year round.

  8. 8.) Is there a Warranty?

    ANSWER:  All Cooper products are backed by our 3 year warranty against manufacture defects such as; zippers, stitching, fading or clips. Support rods will be replaced for free for the first year with proof of purchase. Additional rods and accessories may be purchase through our website.

  9. 9.) How long does it take to set up my blind?

    ANSWER:  The first time you set up your Chameleon Blind it will take about 20 minutes. But after doing it once or twice you should have it down to 5 minutes or less. The Big Tom goes up literally in seconds. If you can use an umbrella you got it.

  10. 10.) What are the dimensions of my blind?

    ANSWER:  Chameleon Gun Blind – 49” diameter x 84” tall, Chameleon Bow Blind – 49” diameter x 96” tall, Big Tom – 5’ tall x 6’ wide.

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